FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We are constantly adding new topics and information to our FAQ section. If you have a question that is not answered in our FAQ, please feel free to contact us.

What do I have to consider when registering for your courses?

You can register for our courses by fax or online.

After booking a seminar via our online registration, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt of your booking. You will then receive a binding registration confirmation from us by post or e-mail. This is how the contract is concluded.

The number of participants in most seminars is limited in order to facilitate an intensive dialogue between the participants and with the speakers. Ensure your participation by registering early! Registrations will be considered after the date of receipt.

Since we can still cancel the seminar up to 14 days before the date due to, for example, a lack of participants, please make sure that the cancellation period for hotel and travel bookings is free of charge.

What do I have to consider when travelling by car?
Attention! Many navigation systems lead you to the wrong address. Please note our directions.

Hanover has introduced an environmental zone on 1 January 2008. Only vehicles marked with an appropriate sticker may enter this zone. You will find more detailed information on the environmental zone on the website of the City of Hanover.

The LZH Laser Academy is located outside the environmental zone.

Here are a few tips for your journey:

  • Some routes lead through the environmental zone. If you come from the south via the B6 (Westschnellweg), parts of Friedrich-Ebert-Straße and Göttinger Straße are within the environmental zone. If you do not have a sticker, you should drive around the area.
  • Some of the hotels we recommend are located in the low emission zone. We have marked them on our hotel list.

How do I get there by public transport?

In our directions you will find detailed information on how to find us.

Do you recommend certain hotels?

We have a list of Hotels near our facility that you can download here.

Are customer parking spaces available?

There are plenty of visitor parking spaces available for you. Use is free of charge.

Do you accept education vouchers?

We accept education vouchers. The funding of qualification measures through vouchers is regulated differently in the individual federal states and their education voucher schemes. Further information on the respective funding opportunities in the federal states can be found on the website of the Federal Employment Agency.

Please note that, as a rule, the application for funding must be submitted before applying for a qualification measure.

» What do I have to consider when choosing the provider for the laser safety officer training?

There are many providers who offer courses for laser safety officers and many different seminar titles. Choosing the right provider and course is not easy. The TROS laser radiation (which many participants are first introduced to during the course) and advertising and information on the Internet pages of the education provider offer orientation. Unfortunately, there are some terms that are more advertising than factually correct information.

So that you do not compare apples to oranges when choosing a course, we would like to give you this guide:

» What are the guidelines for training?

The training of laser safety officers is regulated in the accident prevention regulation "Laser radiation" (DGUV regulation 11, formerly BGV B2) and in the occupational health and safety regulation on artificial optical radiation (OStrV, specified by TROS Laserstrahlung). If your statutory accident insurance has not yet withdrawn DGUV regulation 11, laser radiation must be trained in accordance with this regulation and the TROS regulation. Other regulations that are frequently referred to (VBG 93, BGI 832, DIN EN 60825) do not correspond to the current legal framework for training.
The DGUV Grundsatz 303-005 describes the requirements for the training of laser safety officers and competent persons for the implementation of the
hazard assessment according to OStrV for laser applications in consideration of the changed legal framework (OStrV, Technical Rules Optical Radiation (TROS) Laser Radiation).

» Are there any prerequisites for participation?

No, but be careful!! Anyone interested can take part in our courses for laser safety officers. However, you can only be appointed as a laser safety officer if you have the appropriate training or comparable professional experience for the application AND if you are working at the relevant laser equipment in a timely manner. For example, a laser safety officer for technical applications should have a completed technical or scientific professional training or professional experience (the same applies to the fields of medicine, cosmetics, show as well as construction and measuring). The selection of a suitable employee is the responsibility of the employer (selection responsibility).

» I have exam phobia - Does the test really have to be done?

Yes, sure! According to OStrV the professional qualification is to be proven by the successful participation in a training course. This implies a success control in the form of an examination.  For this reason, the TROS Laserstrahlung even describes the type and scope of the examination: A multiple-choice test with at least 15 questions. The exam must be kept by the provider for five years for inspection. A certificate of participation on which no successful participation is confirmed is of no use to you. Course providers who confirm successful participation without having passed an exam do not train according to the recommendations of TROS Laserstrahlung.

And remember: you are taking over a responsible task. An examination serves to ensure that you have understood the essential content of the course!

» Does the certificate expire?

Do I have to attend training courses regularly? Here, too, there is a clear statement - Yes! According to OStrV § 5(2) you have the obligation: "The professional qualification has to be proven by the successful participation in a training course and has to be kept up to date by further training". The time intervals of the training courses depend on the extent to which the state of the art has developed with regard to the laser products used or the regulations. A one-day renewal every five years is considered appropriate. There are therefore no lifelong valid certificates.

» Accredited or Certified Provider?

Who authorises course providers? In a nutshell: Nobody. There are neither certified nor specially accredited providers for the training of laser safety officers (and consequently no officially recognized certificates). There are only more or less qualified course providers. An authorization of the course provider by the responsible body (eg state labor protection authority or statutory accident insurance) is also not intended. Anyone who appoints a laser safety officer without the required specialist knowledge, acts contrary to regulations. It is possible that in the event of an accident, a joint liability of the laser safety officer or the employer comes into play. Therefore, carefully choose your provider for your training. 

Do you also offer individual events and in-house-seminars?

Here you will find further information about our in-house-seminars.

Do you also offer seminars in English?

We offer training as a laser safety officer for technical applications as a regular open seminar and as an in-house seminar also in English. Information about the open seminar and the next dates can be found under: Laser Safety Officer for technical applications.

For individual training read more in our FAQ section in-house-seminars.

When will I receive the invoice?

In general, we will send you the invoice a few weeks before the start of the seminar by post and, if you wish, also by e-mail. When registering, please make sure that you give us your complete billing address.

When will I receive the course materials?

The course materials will be handed out at the beginning of the event.

» Do I have to take care of my own catering during the courses?

Coffee, tea and cold drinks are available throughout the day. A lunch and an afternoon snack are included in the seminar price. If you would like vegetarian food or have to avoid certain foods, please let us know beforehand.